Life is Cheaper on the Road

Microsoft, HP, and Staples made some nice change off me today. The laptop got a virus by playing with a local PC in Mexico City. Off and away it went. Realized that I couldn't work from home as planned since the free Beta test of Office 2010 was over. Time for Staples! While I was there, I bought the last portable printer in stock (of course not on sale) as I have a Mid-East trip coming up and experience has shown that hotel/office printers never work when I'm there. If only Kinko's Office had a franchise in Kuwait.  Are you listening Kinko's?

Tomorrow I'm still set loose at home. I have a cruise coming up which means time to shop! Can't let all those strangers that I'll never see again think I'm a slacker.  Old Navy (gotta stay with a bargain) here I come!

Seriously, this is only 48 hours at home. I need to be back on the road. After all, I can't be responsible for stimulating all the economy.