Wednesday, September 28, 2016

View from the Room - Yokohama

The train from Narita airport to Yokohama was 90 minutes through tunnels and farm. Yokohama is anything but farm and so far looks like the typical Japan city. This is all I've seen so far (from the hotel) last night at sunset, as I checked in.
 And this morning at sunrise when I couldn't sleep.
I don't expect this to be a trip for sightseeing since I'll mostly be working and taking the train to/from. Plus it's hot, humid, and somewhat rainy.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Sometime around 6pm Friday night. The full moon was bringing the high tide in making it fun to walk along the shoreline.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Morning Beach

Cool weather brings back the fog and empty beaches. This morning was perfect and if it wasn't annual truck oil change day, I would have lingered longer.
This is what I love returning too after each trip and miss when I am gone.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

USS Iowa

Morning in San Pedro just west of Long Beach. My walk took me right by the USS Iowa. I'm surprised that I'd never been to this part of LA before. Something new all the time!
And the distance view

Friday, September 02, 2016

Mission Bay Park

I made a stop here in my way to the airport today. Figured I'd go early to get past the Del Mar traffic and get some steps in. 12 noon on a Labor Day Friday and the parking lot was wide open. Surprising but it worked for me. I used to swim to that little island but these days the water seems to get polluted too often for me to want to go in. Very Lorax-like.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Carlsbad Saturday

Two months gone already. Time for a new artist on the wall.
I'll have to return later to check it out and enjoy the beach at the same time!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Auckland Harbor

Finally a day of sun! It was still cold and windy but I had to get out. These were all taken around the harbor area last Sunday. I'm on my way home now and saying good-bye to this great city!