Room with a View - Istanbul

Istanbul airport turns out to be harder to navigate than Kuwait, easier than Russia, and right on par with Indonesia. The Visa line was a 50 minute wait (don't even try to use a credit card and then point out the credit card sign when you're refused) and then on to Passport Control. The taxi queue is fast and one of those operations that you have to go on faith that you will get to where you want to be. As we drove along the harbor, the rocky waves on the sea were matched by my increasingly rocky taxi ride.  There's nothing like pretending to ignore the cab driver as he waves his hands at the windshield and shouts at the driver in front of us.

It's one of those times you are glad for a continual flow of email on the BlackBerry.

Here's the view. I'll take it again tomorrow when it's daylight so we all can figure out what I'm looking at.