Last of Wichita

For such a small area there really is a lot to look at. I know that I missed much more than I photographed so I'm glad for the opportunity to learn even a small bit about this city. Below is the Rotary Club sculpture. There are lots of Steam-punk elements in this city.
 Horse in front of the Bank of America building
 Historic Kress building from the 1928 with gothic style influence
 These two are pointing at the Kress building which in one of it's past incarnations was a variety store.
There was very little graffiti in Wichita and this was the only attempt at either street art or political statement that I found.


  1. And thank's to my recent Wikipedia lookup, I now kind of know what Steampunk means. There was an episode of The Simpsons where Homer says something like, "that's very steampunk, whatever that means.".


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