Off Again - Almost

Updated 5:45 pm. Flight cancelled and rebooked for Sunday. Off to Hotel!

Got to the airport this morning for the news that my flight to China was delayed 6 hours. Ugh. 6 hours of waiting around an airport. Now my perfect plan of late evening arrival, unpack, sleep is condensed to midnight arrival and pass out asap.

Airport activities for long layover:

  • Walk. Need that circulation before a long flight. 1 round done and one or two more to go.
  • Eat. Breakfast done. Postpone lunch to as late as possible.
  • Exchange money for destination currency. Done.
  • Read or watch what's downloaded on iPad. Nope - save for flight.
  • Catch up on email. Done. Bored.
  • Buy bottled water for flight. Do right before flight so I don't have to lug the extra weight around on the next walkabout.
  • Stare at airplanes.