Almost Normal!

In the whirlwind that started October 27, I've been in multiple time zones and no sense of logical travel geography up until December 18. Rainy Honduras, hectic Shanghai, wonderful Tahiti and sea turtles, to rainy Istanbul and surprisingly sunny but cold Denmark. I have hit my hotel and airline status goals for another year. I have 7 days where there is no need to travel at all. 7 days to eat, drink, be with friends and family and get caught up on movies.

Speaking of - I was happy with Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies. It kept my interest, wasn't too over the top, and made me want to watch all six in order once the last film is available for home viewing. Mockingjay Part 1 was a good if dark addition to the series. Both of those I could see again. After two dark movies though it looks like Into The Woods is next up for me. Sad news - the Secret Theater finally had to close its doors once the Regal Carlsbad opened. Bye to the ability to walk up 5 minutes before a major movie and still find a good seat. I will miss that place.

My body and brain seem to be back on a good California time zone. All is well.