The DMV. One of the most dreaded places to go. After a decade of auto-renewals on my DL, I finally received the notice that it was time to appear in person for a new eye test and photo. A quick online check showed no appointment times in San Marco until May but Oceanside/Vista had an opening the next day at 10:15 am. Check! I'll take it.

I showed up early only to see a line out the door of people who came without an appointment. Who does that? How does one have hours to spend in line at the DMV? It was a relief to walk on by and get my ticket to wait a shorter time. 15 minutes later I was up and at the front. The best news? Since I had never gone in and retested my eyes after getting Lasik I was able to pass (barely) the eye exam and for the first time in my life have the glasses restriction come off! Yay!

A few minutes after that awesome moment it was off for a new photo (for the DMV it's great, for everywhere else, it would be a retake) and I'm out of there while people that showed up before me with no appointment are still in line!

I'm glad I don't work for the DMV. It does make me wonder how San Marcos is able to get people to make appointments, hence the 2 month wait, while Oceanside branch doesn't have the same power. I don't really want to know, I'm simply glad I'm done for a while.