Happy New Year!

I left us all with a hospital cliff hanger. Short story is the person is fine, hospitals in India are cheap and no one really wants to ever have to go to one.

Since returning home I've been obsessed with Star Wars. Three times, I think there are two screenings left in me for old times sake. IMAX and maybe another 3D viewing. Bought the music, love it. Enjoyed the movie, not a hater.

Getting caught up with friends, work, sleep and pondering why I must have 3 more cables and two more devices to get my TV and TiVo all working with Time Warner's digital cable fix. On top of that not sure why the Blue Ray wireless decided to stop transmitting/receiving the home wifi signal? Fun with tech!

Only two more weeks (less than) before heading back out. Coming up a combo Shanghai/Australia trip, followed by a few days at home and then off to Tokyo. History is repeating.

Happy New Year to all. It's back to the cable and then maybe I'll relax with a beer!