Celebrity Summit Food & Beverage

Took the Galley Tour of the ship today. It was interesting to see the behind the scenes operations. The ship's F&B staff is over 50% of the crew. An average of 10K meals are prepared daily for passengers and crew. Today I helped make a dent in the 175 gallons of ice cream that is made weekly. I would have guessed higher as people are always at the ice cream station. I didn't realize they made their own ice cream.
The team we saw was at work preparing our lunch salads. The produce was all being hand diced, even the olives. The tomatoes and lettuce were fresh and everything was clean. I didn't get a photo but the breads and bakery items are all cooked fresh. Today's lunch was fresh bread and cobb salad and both were good. If you find yourself bored on a sea day and a ship's galley tour is offered, I recommend taking it.


  1. Hope all is clean and no food illnesses.


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