Escape Room

I did my first escape room this weekend and it was 43 minutes of fun! The goal is to decipher clues to obtain the code that opens the lock, leading to your escape from the room in 60 minutes or less. Three of us went on a beginner mission and we weren't sure if we'd manage but we escaped with 17 minutes to spare.

We were the sitting ducks and to get out we had to decipher numbers, visual clues, written clues, and luckily, slipped in clues from our room host. We were wildly off track the first 15 minutes as there are plenty of red herrings that can distract you. The room host provides the refocus by monitoring us from the outside and slipping in clues under the door. To say that we were overjoyed with our success is an understatement. You'd have thought we'd won the lottery just by proving ourselves as capable.
This room is in Kearny Mesa, on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Our goal is to attempt the next level later this year.


  1. I had no idea something like that existed!


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