92°F in Carlsbad

92°F on April 30 right by the beach. Fire to the east. High winds to the north. It's not even fire season and today feels like it's on full force. The smoke and sand are blotting out the blue to give us a white sky. I went out barefoot on my patio and burnt my feet. Ouch! 

I drove to north Orange County today and a couple of times the wind gusts were so severe I was sure a car was about to side-swipe me. The freeway was a debris hazard from people who didn't secure stuff down in their pickup trucks.

I have no point to this other than to comment on how hot it is. I hope all the inland folks have a/c and are staying cool!


  1. I'm inland. It's not fun. I bought a new fan today because we have 12' ceilings and the amount of time nec to run the A/C to cool this house makes our bill $$$$. So, yeah. Unseasonal heat = yuck.


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