April 28, 1972

For many years I shared my birthday with two horses and a dog. When I was 11, these two foals were born at the house down the road from me and for the next 20 some odd years of my life, I had birthday cake celebration with Dusty and Blaze. The horses belonged to Audrey Kremzier and since she loved to celebrate and to bake, there were three birthday cakes each year. This was to the delight of all the neighborhood kids who knew a good deal when they saw it. The birthday parties were the stuff of fame, especially when a few years later a black lab came to the scene with the same birthday.
The horses never got to come inside but we all watched as Benji opened up his birthday presents every year.
I am glad that I had such fun birthday pals! While they may be gone the good memories are still here!


  1. I didn't know you had these photos. How nice. I can find one one photo of Teddy and us. I know I have more in a box I need to find. I had completely forgotten about sharing a birthday.


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