Long time no post!

Whoops! Once work got going it was non-stop and there was only time for work, a little sleep, and a little food. Now I'm back but about to hit the road again. First up, the last three days were filled with doctor appointments one after another. I'm getting the Mohs Surgery on June 2 to remove the carcinoma in the area. Because of the location on June 3, I get skin grafts and reconstructive surgery. Two doctors, two locations = 6 pre-op appointments in a 2 day period. Add in the drug order, picking up the drugs, and squeezing in a dentist appointment and this week is shot.

By the way - the battery died on the truck today and I had to call AAA for a jump to get home. Hint, Homer. I'll need help with this once my eye patch and stitches are out.

Off to Arizona this weekend for a memorial service for a dear family friend. I guess we can't escape the fires since one is going strong in Oak Canyon. We're only going as far as Cottonwood but my guess is traffic will be a bummer.

Monday it's back to Canada for a week and right now I can't even think straight. Last beer before the cut off date for surgery is this weekend so I will have to choose wisely!