Bye-Bye Palms!

Of all the items on my Spring/Summer to-do list, I can check off only one. It was a biggie though, remove the palm trees that were almost taller than the house and way to close to the roof. They looked nice for a while and the last windstorm messed up the fronds so it was trim or go. I chose go.
 It took 3 guys, two trucks, and a lot of effort to get those trees cut down without causing damage.
I chose to leave the stumps in since the trees are dead and who knows how far under the fence those roots go? Besides, the gopher can't dig a tunnel here.
 And now the corner is opened up to let the Bird of Paradise plants grow!


  1. Looks good. I'm looking to add some plants to my patio for privacy. I need to check on what the association rules say I can do.

  2. I lose a little privacy but the one neighbor that could see my backyard is never uses their balcony. Maybe you can put in tall potted plants that grow slow.


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