Friday already?

Well that's a change up! Normally the work week drags on while you wait for Friday night but this week I was so caught up in work that 4:54 pm Friday has somewhat taken me by surprise.

Probably because I'm in travel panic mode as I realize what snuck up on me.

Nice calm relaxing beach scene before I move on...

8 weeks on the road coming up. It's not even a logical sequence of trips or time zones. Honduras-China-Tahiti-Turkey-Denmark-Home. Written like that it's 5 easy countries. Add in this Honduras 9 nights-LAX 2 nights-China- 10 nights?- home 2 nights- Tahiti 7 nights-home 1 night-Europe 16 nights. Travel fantasy at its best!

While I don't enjoy airport chaos, I am looking forward to this blitz!