Mice, Lizards, Gophers

They're all here in my yard. It's either the lack of water or the city has been cleaning up all the weeds but each evening at sunset there's a mouse scampering under my fence and into my backyard. I now have an even bigger incentive to get rid of the extra ice plant to keep from becoming a free for all housing district. The lizards are not amused with this activity. The hummingbirds are not amused either. No word on the gopher.

On less earthy news, I have 3 dysfunctional apple devices. The original iPod seems to have decided that life is over and will not turn on except to charge and show me the apple. The iPod mini is down as well as my iPhone which both had unfortunate incidents. One with a water bottle and the other at the beach. The work iPhone which has had no incidents only works for telephone audio while on speaker phone. The original iPad large size seems to be functioning for now.


  1. I've got ants in my kitchen. They like water and cat food.


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