Happy New Year and Travel Reset Day!

The game begins again. The balances are all at zero. Who to keep and who to discard? United is still a keeper. 100,000 miles to go. American, that can go. Paying $500 to keep the lowly silver status isn't worth it today. It might be in the summer when I'm flying in coach and not in the pre-check security line but that's the gamble. Hotels locked in for one more year but keeping top status on 6 major chains is too much. Bye to Days Inn (note to self, cash in those points) and downgraded on Holiday Inn. Such is the travel life.

Starting Monday I lock in the first 5 hotel nights of the year to get going again. 2015 looks to be a repeat of 2014. Hotel heavy, flight light. All flights crammed in the last 10 weeks of the year. As soon as I have my January schedule worked out then I'll book some flights. Must keep in mind that Wichita was one of the trips that ensured my United 1K renewal. Don't discount the weekenders. My own bed at home is feeling more and more comfortable. And my heater, shower, hot water and coffee maker with coffee to my specifications. All a sign that I've been at home for two weeks and it's becoming habit. I've even booked a couple of concerts with faith that I'll be at home. John Williams with the San Diego Symphony and Al Stewart at McCabe's in Santa Monica.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2015!


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