The De-Ratting

2:00 pm
Complete. One side vent had deteriorated so much in the attic it was like having an open door invitation. I'm now a single household resident once again!

11:09 am.
The bad is out and now the crevice and entry barring stuff is flying in via tube. Haz-Mat suits are off so I guess that's a good sign.

10:30 am.
Nice, big, obvious Terminix trucks pulled up this morning for the de-ratting and de-birding of the attic. The guys are in full white haz-mat gear and wearing pink oxygen masks.  Think Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Tons of plastic wrap is on the upstairs area and constant movement is going on in the attic as the crap is rolled up and away and death to rodents begins. There is no word for it.

Strange, relief, wishing I wasn't here, and  what's that smell?

Yeah. So for all future homes that I ever plan to buy, a full attic inspection will be part of the process and upon purchase, a full rodent proof treatment will go in.