Another 5 Days Gone by Already?

Drip, drip, and drip. That's the sensation of the antibiotics, Sudafed, saline spray and hot compresses working to clear up my sinus infection. Everything kicked in at the worst possible time yesterday as I was supposed to talk to a room full of trainees. Ugh. I passed the speech to someone else and ditched on all pictures. So good news, things are clearing up and the cheek bubble is going down. Now I have to resist the urge for Benedryl since all pollen is seizing the moment to invade. A vicious cycle, this is. Oddly, it has me thinking about drug addicts and how the withdrawal phase is so bad for them. Magnify this times 100 and no wonder they go back to the drugs!  I'm playing a new game - is that itching/skin sensitivity in my head or a histamine reaction to no allergy meds and letting it all go haywire? A little of both I think.

Wonderful bright side of life - there's no view from the room photo from Tijuana because we finished early and returned back across and I slept in my own bed. It's the small things in life that are good.

Speaking of things that are good - The Ding Dong Ice Cream Sandwich at Carl's Jr! Who knew?  I don't normally speak glowingly of products but the one that I tried last week really hit the spot!