Marriage Equality

Things that make full on history for years and years seem to have all happened in the past way before I was born. Today's ruling on all 50 states now have to have marriage equality was a strange thing to think that this is a moment in time that may possibly go on school textbook exams right up there with racial equality and women's right to vote rulings. After watching this through the years, seeing gay friend's civil partnership ceremonies, legal weddings in California, then no legal weddings in California, and then back to legal again, I am happy for all the people who want to wed.

That said, I think they're crazy in some ways. Different sex couples have been leading the way on the right to live together without marriage for years now. And that's illegal in many countries. In fact you'd get stoned to death in some countries if men/women lived together and men/men or woman/woman. I guess inequality is consistent there.

What we're hopefully working towards is the recognition that partnership, commitment, love should not be restrained by church or state but rather between the people involved. Lifestyle choice is personal and while this is going on to be a heated debate between opposing views for some time it's nice to know that with the Supreme Court decision we as a nation can slowly leave this behind and focus on more important things.

Like what?

Quality of Life


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