Home and Reflection

Complete and total mess. After 3 weeks in New Delhi I find it hard to summarize my time there. I met plenty of kind and considerate people. The head Chef at the hotel, the people I worked with, the hotel security guards. Their life is hard compared to mine and a 1000 times better compared to the homeless on the street. I don't even know if homeless is the right word, since home is defined by different standards. Home is under the bridge, home is under the tree. Shelter is a tarp. Home is outside. It's rough. When it rains, you're wet. When not raining, you're hot. No solution in sight, no government desire to change, and only a few small signals in the media calling for change.
 Inertia, stalemate, caste, population, religion. Power, corruption. Misery. Life.
 History is in decay. New Delhi is not pleasant. I know my scope of what I saw was limited.
Every year Blog Action Day brings light to a topic. Poverty, water, women's rights, children's rights, earth. India could sustain Blog Action Day for decades to come. I don't know how I feel about it. This is a place that cannot be summarized. I am glad to be home. I hope I can go back.