Fun with Selfie Sticks

I learned how to use a Selfie Stick this weekend. In defense of the stick, it eliminates the need to bother you waiter with taking group photos or having one person out of the photo. Forget the annoyance factor to others, this is a great invention! A bit more coordination is needed for our party of 8 to all fit but we're in there!

Our venue was Belching Beaver Brewery in Vista. No food on site but they did have a food truck available and the beer menu was plentiful with various sizes from small samplers to 16 oz. pints. With the weather cooling off, this made a great place to hang out with friends on the weekend!


  1. I've had a selfie stick for almost a year and haven't used it. Even when I bring it with me I don't use it. I will soon, though.


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