Ghosts of Red Deer

10 Ghost statues are in downtown Red Deer. Each is a real person or animal depicting a part of local history. Most are on the locations of the original building or activity. All the sculptures are in bronze and created by Alberta artists.  Here's Julietta Sorensen having gotten of her shift at a local restaurant and waiting for her husband, to arrive with the last bus of the day. The team started the bus service in 1933 and her husband was the driver. I'm not sure why she has suitcases around her. I guess she's my kindred spirit in another life.
Sound the Alarm - the plaque on the wall let's us know the original firehass was located on this block in the early 1900's. The depiction is of the volunteer firefighters having a harnessing wreck while responding to a call. Fires at this time could quickly wipe out a community.
Reverend Gaetz, one of Red Deer’s early founding fathers, hung out on the street talking to the community. Today he talks to tourists and keeps the homeless company since we had to move a few of their belongings to take this photo.
Poor Francis. A pig that simply (and smartly) did not want to end up on a dinner plate. So he made an escape and had 5 months of freedom while he was searched for. Francis was so desperate to not get caught that he was injured when finally caught and sadly died from injuries.
Doris and Mickey - because of course a baby beaver was found injured and alone and nursed back to health by humans and unable to return to the wild.  This spot was close to the home where Doris lived. Today there's a park and really nice homes in the area. The plaque says a movie was made about Mickey but it didn't google easily so I'll take it at face value.


  1. All good ghosts, just missing a cow.


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