Steveston Village/Storybrook

Steveston Fishing Village in Richmond, Canada doubles as the film set for "Once Upon A Time's" Storybrook. The new season was about to start filming and I missed the action by a day but I did get to watch the film crew set up the signs to transform the street. The below flower is real from a nearby park.
At "Granny's" all the flowers and plants here are film crew fake. The Cannery Cafe was open for the season so we got to eat where the Cafe scenes are filmed. Sadly the ice cream shop you see in the TV show is totally fake. Inside the building were only film props, not a single scoop in sight.
No changes to the harbor but I was half expecting to see a pirate ship. Guess that's done on studio.
The Library signs came out of storage and went up on what looks like a deserted building. Some of the other props covered up dental offices, law offices, and building facades. There was a fake gas station and fake butcher shop in town.
This store is really trinkets, candles, and such. They capitalize on the show and sell jewelry aimed at 9 year old girls who want to have a princess piece of the show.
Like I said, one day too early. I was there on the 12th. Now when the season premiere's I'm going to take an extra look at the background to see what else was done that day to transform a simple street to a fantasy street.