Homeowner's Mystery

Today's picture is courtesy of the hotel grounds at Disneyland hotel. I can't imagine any flower or plant looking like this in my hands. Good work grounds keepers of Disney!

Home owner's mystery number 2 or 3. (1 has to be why something always breaks at the worst possible time. The next mystery is why are there so many businesses out there that don't really seem to want to do business or work at all?
Last month in our most rare, rain fest, I found out that the patio sliding door was deteriorated enough that it couldn't keep the water out. Towel after towel went down and finally the whole lot of towels. After a couple of days of that I looked up businesses that specialize in sliding door repair and replacement and found one near me with a mix of mostly positive Yelp reviews.  I called, no answer so I emailed and got a reply a few days later. $45 to come out, deducted against work. Send your address and they'll schedule.  Great! Agreed to the fee and sent address and requested for service. Nothing back. Silence. After a week I gave it another shot and reached out. A week has gone by.


What a hassle. Back to the drawing board.