Vulcan, Canada

When you're a small town in Canada, on a road to nowhere, and need some tourism dollars, make the most of your name! Originally named for the Roman god of fire, they've redone their image for Star Trek and now people stop and hang for longer than a tank of gas. The small visitor center has a shop and museum and around town are fun Trek things. Leonard Nimoy as Spock has his own tribute.

I know this is Canada but it looks like Dorothy's house landed in the wrong place! No sign of the wizard or of Oz. Vulcan is a 90 minute drive south east of Calgary and once you are out of the city, this is the view. 

Sunrise is still late in the winter, this was around 8:00 am.
And even if you don't want to spend time in the Trek Center you can drive the few short blocks around town and find Van Gogh street art.