Here's a couple from the weekend. Sunny, minimal people, and an oddly cold wind that was blowing but still great!  Then followed by rain on Monday. Crazy weather. Random thoughts for the week ahead - I have so much going on in June and July that I'm blurring them together and shall refer to them as Junly. This Junly season has at minimum three long trips, more house update/repairs squeezed in when I'm home, and a couple rounds of work weeks with hosting people.

The house next door has prospective short term renters looking at it. Today's round was a couple with a toddler. Perfect! I hope they take it. Almost guaranteed to be quiet.
Politics - how is anyone sleeping in Washington? Insomnia must be a big thing in that town. I wish we could give them a 24 "cone of silence" so our collective dizzy brains could take a break. Seems like Animal Planet's ratings should be up. When all else fails, that's the least annoying channel on TV. That and BBC America with their daily Doctor Who and various Star Trek series going on. I'm more caught up on Voyager today than I was when it originally aired.

Mid-month Invisalign update - Tray 11 began today. It's going much better in the first few hours than Tray 10 did over 13 days. I think the top teeth are done with their moves and let the lower pain/shifting begin. I'm over the half-way point now!