Invisalign with Yertle - June

June 1 and I'm on Tray 12 and well past the half way mark. The dentist says I can go weekly now but I think I'll ease into Tray 13 on the 10 day mark and see how it goes. The teeth don't hurt as much with new trays now although Tray 10 was a tough one and 11 not that much better. 12 by contrast is only tight on the teeth, no pain. 
At the beginning of this, I thought the hardest part would be during extended work dinners where I had to leave the tray out for extended periods of time. That is hard but mainly because the attachments rub into my mouth if the tray isn't in. That's a motivation for keeping the trays on. But really, the hardest part has been traveling. Long plane flights where I have to decide between eating or dealing with the floss/brush/tray routine in the aircraft cabin lavatory.  I'm at the point where I'd rather be hungry than have to deal with that so water on flights it is and maybe a snack right at the end of the trip.

Today's post comes from the Vilnius Airport in Lithuania where I had to do a mandatory exit from Belarus to comply with the 5 day limit for Visa free travel. More on Vilnius tomorrow but for now, who wouldn't love a steamroller chair? OMG that would be fun for a bit until you fall off!  Taken at some park in the old city.
And since I'm at the airport, how about the U.S. Air Force? Still doing their job despite all the political bizarre-ness going on.