Blog Action Day

WATER is the topic for this year's Blog Action Day. Each year I'm at a loss for what to write about and then the story manifests itself with impeccable timing. California is always in a drought situation but we still have water to waste. Many parts of the world are in drought and have to water at all. I can't help create a lake in a remote region but I can do something at home. I leave tomorrow for a trip, followed by another trip, then one more. In many of these places I will drink bottled water and enjoy hot showers while some people in those countries might not have the same lifestyle. Keeping that in mind, my showers are short and the water bottles are used as needed to keep me healthy on the road.

But Karma has a way
One of the toilets has decided to spring itself a leak. Now in worst case scenario a leaking toilet results in gallons of lost water each day. I'm out of here tomorrow and don't want to deal with this. So I've dried, caulked and shut off the water to this room. I have to take action not only to save the water but to save the floor. I was lucky to catch this as I keep this room clean and unused for when people are here. It's a reminder to do routine checks of all faucets, showers, plumbing for both water conservation and home stability.

As I have fun over the next two weeks I will remind myself to reuse water bottles when possible and drink tap water when safe. Water is life. We need to keep it around.