San Lorenzo Cathedral - Genoa

This was the big wow site in Genova and did not disappoint inside the cathedral with the stained glass, pipe organ, alters, and the usual stuff you find inside an old Cathedral.  There was no entrance charge as this is a working church but donation boxes in the different areas allow you to donate for the upkeep if you are moved by a particular saint or want to assist with preservation of the building.

 The site of the San Lorenzo Cathedral dates back to 878 A.D.  The current gothic style building was designed between the 11th and 12th centuries but not built completed until the early years of the 14th century.   Dedicated to St. Lawrence, who broke with the church when his prefect decided to take all the Church belongings for himself, Lawrence didn’t go along with that and gave the Church goods to the poor as was what they were supposed to do. For this, he was burnt on a grill.
Adapted from handout by Ilaria Brigati, Nicoletta Fazio, University of Genova.