My Abaya

The Abaya is the overcoat that I get to wear while in Riyadh. I can only hope for cooler weather since normal clothes with this won't be fun but then again, I'm always cold. Standard black, not too fancy and an easy zip cover plus hoodie since I know my scarf will not stay put. I like the scarf, I might actually use it again. The Abaya only needs to last 5 days.
Where does one get an Abaya in So Cal? Apparantly at the Al-Anwar Islamic Clothing Center in Anaheim. They have hundreds of all types of clothes for Muslims anywhere. Tons of cute stuff too but that's not for Saudi. Conversation and activity did briefly stop when I walked in the door. Better here than in Cairo! Sales lady was helpful and I'm pretty sure she's never been to Saudi since she wanted to know if I wanted color. (I did but that would only lead to trouble). You'll have to wait a month to see me in it!


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