Donut Flavor in Beer

Portland is famous for many great things. Beer is one. Rogue Ales is one of those breweries that almost always does a good beer. Voodoo Doughnut is famous for fun flavors and theme donuts - one of which is the Maple Bacon Donut. A collaboration idea was born and out of that union came the Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale. This is a beer that could only be drunk with others.
 LJ, Homer and I were the ones that stepped up to the challenge. We sniffed the beer and yes, we could smell maple. And beer. But no bacon. We tasted the beer and tasted maple, beer, but no bacon. We also tasted "blech". Now I realize that is not a taste but picture a dog eating peanut butter and that was us. We took a second sip to make sure and yup, same reaction. Homer downed his out of beer honor. LJ and I had no beer honor and dumped our down the sink. Sorry Rogue Ale, this one didn't work!


  1. And what a nice looking kitchen we drank it in.

  2. For a second I thought you had been to the fair...everything to eat there today seemed to contain either bacon or fried batter or both...although, I did not see maple donut I wont have to try it after your review...:-)


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