Intergalactic Brewing Company

Located in Mira Mesa, in the usual start-up garage industrial setting, Intergalactic Brewing Company has the space/SF theme going. Like Ballast Point with the fishing theme, this is a fast way to brand your beer. The sampler of 5 for $8 is a good value but you can buy individual samples at varying price or full pints when you find a beer you like. We were all divided on our favorite. Homer chose That's No Moon IPA as his favorite, LJ liked the Red Planet Rye and surprise to me, the Space Session was my favorite!
Space Session being the lightest beer and my second favorite was the Orion Stout. The IPA's which are normally my favorite, didn't do it for me here. What is good is the selection variety. It's not a one trick pony and there were 12 selections available. When a keg goes out, the sign comes down and Black Sun IPA must have been popular because one minute it was on the board and the next it was gone. Drink fast people!
There's a front entrance but it's much easier to go in the back to the garage entrance. Follow the signs and listen for voices of happy tasters.


  1. Nice review. I forgot to take a picture of the tasting room to show how small but crowded it was when we showed up.


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