Tackling the Suitcases

Home from hot and humid countries and next up, cold country. One set of clothes out and a new set in. Small bag packed for 3 night business stay starting tomorrow. The cold country gets followed up with a US work trip upon return and no time for home.

Sometimes I don't know how I even do it. By this time next month I will have already gained top status of 3 of the major hotel chain programs. And that's just work related.

I have 3 suitcases that I use for various trips and at any given time, two of them are packed for different trips. Right now, both are on the living room floor, and seriously need attention.

Procrastination has always been my friend. I am much more motivated when panicked. That means today, Pacific Rim wins and I'm off to the movies.

Tomorrow is soon enough to zip the suitcase(s) closed.