Pacific Rim

Giant aliens fighting giant robots, with people inside. When the aliens attack, humans fight back. As far as end of the world, alien attack movies go, Pacific Rim is okay. Mindless, colorful, lots of explosions, no thought process needed. You could do worse on your movie pick but also could do better. The aliens and a crazy Hannibal Chau (played by Ron Perlman) were the best things in this movie.

The robot teams all looked alike. Blond hair, blue eye'd, buff guys. Sometimes it was hard to tell who was who. There was only one female lead, and then one female on TV saying nothing, and another female robot operator who might have shouted once in battle. So sad not to have strong female representation.

The movie is slightly over 2 hours long and as usual, could have been 20 minutes shorter. We see an awful lot of the aliens shooting out of the water, okay, that was neat, having the Drift/Wormhole in space go through the ocean. Still we saw it frequently.

Three of us went, two with high expectations and they were disappointed. I went with low expectations so I was okay with the movie not being great.

I say skip it and move on to The Wolverine. Sadly, that has not got a lot of positive buzz either.


  1. I've been out of touch lately and had never heard of Pacific Rim. I'd like Wolverine to be good, but can wait for HBO.


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