Ender's Game

Ender's Game was an enjoyable two hours in the movie theater. It's been years since I read the book but I retained enough of it to feel the movie was doing justice to the book while adding updates to the technology to keep the movie believable. In some ways though, it felt like the movie was more about Colonel Graff than Ender Wiggin. Or maybe it's that Harrison Ford is just that kind of actor that the scenes move towards him. Actually, a couple of points he looked like General Solo and I could see how Han would fit in perfect if the Star Wars movies move forward in time.

But I digress. The world is at war with a bug-like race and children are recruited since they can adapt to new technology.  Having grown up with that same technology anyone under the age of 14ish, can out-think and out-speed the older generation and hopefully the bugs.  This worked well in the books and it works well in the movies.

What was a bit lacking was any emotional connection to Ender. In the book, it's told from his point of view and we're in his head, his world. On screen, that connection is lacking as we watch him from the viewpoint of Colonel Graff, and everything comes back to the Colonel.

The cast is fine, the action is good if not dramatic and maybe it's better if you haven't read the book or are a tween and can relate to Ender. For a young adult geared movie, I didn't see any in the theater.

Ender's Game has a running time of 114 minutes and it felt just right. I was engaged for the most part and the only distractions were what seemed like endless close-up shots of heads talking into the camera.  If you like the book or simply want a decent sci-fi escape this is worth checking out. If you're not a fan of either you can pass as there are not any deep insights into the world around us or must-talk about moments. There are some nice battle sequences that look better on a big screen than they will on the small screen.