Jelling, Denmark

Jelling is the home to two large rune stones that were erected sometime around the year 1000. King Harald Bluetooth built the Jelling Stones as a way to give his parents a Christian burial, even though they were the last of the old religion in Denmark. Harald converted to Chritianity and brought the religion to Denmark, and has been credited with giving Denmark it's name. Harald did a lot! The runic writing on the Jelling Stones is the first written mention of the name Denmark and the picture of Christ is the oldest picture known in the northern countries. I didn't realize the northern countries were able to hold on so long to their own religions.

 One of the burial mounds.
The church was originally built by Harald to show his expression of the new religion. Of course, it burnt down, as did two later churches. The current church was built on the foundations of the previous buildings. The cemetery is still in use today.