Learn to move again

The hard thing about the Osteoporosis diagnosis is that I have to learn a whole new way to move and exercise. All the pilates and yoga that I did a week ago now have to be modified for no more forward bending. The back can't be rounded since that puts stress on the vertebrae. My back is more sore now from forcing myself to sit straight than I can remember. New muscles have to be adapted.

The medicine? Not fun. It's a sodium bubbly keg that sits on an empty stomach for 60 minutes and you have to take it first thing in the morning and no lying down. If you do, it creates acid reflux and burns the esophagus.  Blech. It's once a week. We'll see how the next one goes down on Saturday. Three days later and food does not taste good and I need to eat. Blech again.

I scheduled a pilates osteoporosis specialist consultation for later this month.