Physical Therapy - Pilates Style

Part of Osteoporosis is learning how to exercise your body with movements that build muscle without damaging the spine. The extreme bends or even toe-touching are now off-limits but resistance weights and side stretches are in. To figure out how to do this, I went and met with a physical therapist who can work directly with my needs.

It turns out that all my bad habits are showing up and they have nothing to do with low bone mass. That backpack that I sling over my shoulder with a laptop, power cables, work notes, camera that weighs too much? My shoulder naturally moves back in that position now even with no backpack.

Working at a desk with two computers side by side and no swivel chair? My spine bends to the right since I'm always moving over to the other computer as I type on the main one.

So I signed up for Pilates Therapy and got the sneak preview of the stretches, isometrics, breathing, and what ever other moves are in store for me to stand up straight and put weight on both sides of my body. Turns out that as a right handed person, most of my weight bearing goes on my right leg. It's time to get balanced and even!