Well that was unexpcted - Osteoporosis

First, I have to learn to spell the word and second, I have to wrap my head around the concept that I have Osteoporosis in my hips. It seems that Vitamin D deficiency was going on a pretty long time. So bulk up people!

Yesterday I had the early morning speed service - Mammogram, Bone Density Scan, and what seems so long ago, the happiness in being free to travel with my Yellow Fever Vaccine. I was done with all three by 8:50 am and at 3:00 pm the doctor called. Now I know enough that when the doctor calls so soon it isn't good news. Of course my mind went to the worst - breast cancer. Even though there was absolutely no reason to jump to that conclusion.

And I don't have cancer.

I do have Osteoporosis in both hips and lumbar. I get the numbers mailed to me this week.

The prescription - Take more Vitamin D, exercise more, especially stairs and weights, and take
Fosamax once a week.

I knew I was going to get this at some point but I was thinking 68. My mom had it and my dad's mother so genetics on both sides of the family were coming my way.

They just came soon. Bummer.