71 - What a Great Number!

It took a year to do it, 5000 units of vitamin D3 a day and the results are in - my D level is at a super healthy 71 up from a severe low of 19. The lowest healthy level is 30 so I had a lot of ground to make up! I was worried that I was taking too much but you're not toxic until 100 so all is good. And I'm enjoying a cheese quesadilla tonight to celebrate another year of cholesterol at good levels and an increase in LDL counts. The cheese-fest will end tonight but it had to be done after 3 weeks of tight control on the animal fats.

On  to the Oscars. I used to make an effort to see the best picture nominees. This year I haven't  been inspired to make the effort and am saving up for airplane movie viewing. If only there was a Neflix queue of binge viewing on award day. That would be cool.

Hmmm. Too late now but as I'm watching the Oscar Red Carpet people, I'm starting to regret that quesadilla.

Anyhow, forget that and join me in the virtual high-five on that 71!


  1. Didn't know D3 came in 5000 IU. I use 2000 IU. Never saw my numbers, just the doctor said it was low. Good job.


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