Mahalo Hawaii!

For a combined fun and work trip, this one was far more relaxing than most! I don't know how I adjusted so quickly to Hawaii time, sleeping in until 7 am is 10 am at home and it's going to be painful doing that three hour jump forward. Rain is moving in as I write this, the trade winds are kicking up a cool breeze and my a/c is off.

Went out on a sunset catamaran sail and the water was rough! At times we had to hold on tight when on the deck because the wind was so strong. No one wants to go overboard in that water! This also happened to be my birthday. Happy Birthday me at 54!
 We sailed close to Diamond Head and enjoyed the view and calmer waters.
 And then sunset happened and everyone was happy.


  1. Yes, the seas look choppy. You look happy.


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