Time might not fly but it sure seems like it!

Truly there is no quicker blog stopper than taking a class on writing a blog. Who knew? I've learned that writing and photography isn't enough, a blog needs to have a point of view. This one doesn't count since it's more of a personal diary of my life. To have a focused, weekly blog that is well written is really difficult. To attract readers even more difficult. Blogs have to be dynamic and the best of them only seem to have an 18 month readership.

What I've learned - everyone wants to write a travel blog on their great year long journey not working and traveling the world. More people do that than one would think. Who are all these people not working? There's so many of them they must run into each other in their far flung destinations where no one would go. What makes their blogs unique from the next one? That is the point of the writing course, how to differentiate yourself.

If I was inclined to do so, my unique spot is that of an international female business traveler.  We're in the minority and our experiences are different in many ways of our male counterparts. I have examples from my own travels. I don't want to write about them because it's like reliving work all over again. I also think I'd run out of ideas. Hotel reviews, that's what TripAdvisor is for and only when it's a unique hotel or I have something new to add to the 100's or 1000's of other reviews.

So there it is. I had a mini-shutdown on blogging as I spent too much time reading and thinking about the process. For me, it's easier to be me and write about what comes up for fun!