Today was all about checking another country off the list and trying to stay out of the heat. That made the underground casemates the perfect choice. These underground tunnels were built in 1644, and reached down to about 130 feet. The fortress was mostly taken down in 1867, 10 of the casemates were spared, some of which can be wandered about today. We went down as far as we could, up and down. The stairs are uneven and steep and parts very dimly lit. No one was there to stop you from doing anything stupid although emergency buttons were located on each level. Unsupervised tunneling is lots of fun!
 Some go on, some dead end.
The area was well defended.
 Finally emerging outside we were on the river level. What a long climb back up!
 All's well at the end of the day with a beer. Cheers to Luxembourg!