Roman Ruins - Trier, Germany

If you can't get to Rome, the city of Trier has plenty of ruins where you can wander about. While not extensive and somewhat spread apart the columns and stairways are fun to check out. These are all UNESCO World Heritage sites and was the first crowds of the week that we encountered but not so much that it was uncomfortable or had any sort of a wait time to get in.
 Looking down. No crowds right now!
 There were two school bus loads of kids and a couple of tour groups. Wander off the main path and you can explore in peace.
Lots of restoration work is going on. This is at one of the spa and thermal baths.
 We went underground to explore the infrastructure of how the water was pumped to the spa.
 Dark but easy to walk about.
Below ground was like having a/c turned on but going outside, 90f and no shade. Think I'll stay a bit longer!


  1. Looks fun, and hey, at least your not wearing four layers of clothing!


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