Moesgaard Museum - Aarhus, Denmark

Moesgaard Museum has a permanent exhibit of pre-historic exhibits and artifacts from Denmark. There are also rooms on later years in history but the earliest rooms of Bronze and Iron were the most interesting to me. In the lower floor, in the darkest corners are preserved bodies and bronze from way back when. Don't miss the hidden corners as there are no directions to the rooms. This is a wandering museum.

Grauballe Man is the star. He was found preserved in a bog and lived in the Iron Age, over 2000 years ago. Poor guy was a sacrifice to the gods for a good harvest and fertility.
 The close up of his face show that it the sacrifice was not a pleasant way to end his life.
Let's go back even farther into the past. These three are not the stars simply because most of their parts are missing.   They're over 3350 years old and had a peaceful end since they were buried in coffins and no sacrifice is mentioned.
Their faces are so much more peaceful looking than Grauballe man. Maybe they had a good life in the Bronze age.
 Be at peace, people of the past.


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