Moesgaard Museum - Aarhus, Denmark

Yesterday was all about the bodies but there's other things to see at Moesgaard. In the Viking room, you'll find war and strife. Seems like when they were on land the Vikings were less peaceful than when waging war. After all, there's always another village to plunder. Benefits of the Iron Age were great weapons.
 Least we forget the children, this is a child's rattle. Actually this is sad because it was placed in the child's grave. It's a reminder that even in the first century, children needed to play and parents loved them enough to create them play toys. Also that life could be short.
Vikings and weapons. The caption below the swords reads "In the Viking Age, free men have the right and the duty to own weapons." Doesn't seem that far removed from the US today.
And the stairs of people throughout early years. A recreation of what they might have looked like, worn, and attitude. At the top of the stairs are looking glasses that put the people in their natural setting, aka forest, bog, or village and shows what they might have been hunting or fishing.