"Your Rainbow Panorama"

Atop the ARoS art museum in Aarhus is "Your Rainbow Panorama". It's a full circular walkway with views of the city and the bay, in all the colors of the rainbow. At first it's dizzying to look at the different colors all at the same time and my eyes had to adjust to walking down the halls since the light and sun put colors all around you while are inside. 
Walking from pink to orange. This side showed off the city and worked with the brick buildings and brown exteriors.
Panel transition as you go from pink to orange. 
 Orange to Yellow to Green, not working so well visually.  Could be different on a cloudy day.
Green - well that's a dull city for sure. Blue didn't even photograph well and was as depressing as this green city.
Back on the ground, looking up at the Panorama.


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