Nothing like a trip to the south of France for post-election blues! Cannes is the place to do nothing, but do it in style. Walking, eating, drinking, sitting, and then repeating. This is a place to relax and move slowly and be okay with it. Even the coffee tastes better here. I should have taken a picture of it this morning but the crowd in the restaurant didn't seem like the approving sort of food & drink photos. Tomorrow I will be braver. (maybe)
 A short steep walk up a hill takes you to the lookout point and up close and personal with the Cannes sign. The view across the water is worth the hill.
 Behind Cannes
 On my balcony at the hotel. Why are the best upgrades on the shortest stays? And does my jet lag show, but oh well, it's been a good day.
Once the clouds lifted a bit, I also had this view. Now that I know I like it, Monaco and Saint-Tropez are on a future visit list.


  1. That's a place I never thought of going to before. You are also way east in France.


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