I've never gone hungry on Thanksgiving. Most of them have either been spent with family or on the road for work. While it's a time to be thankful for what we have, it's also the moment to remember that many people don't have enough food on a daily basis, let alone enough money to have a stuff your face meal.
I'm not one to give money to people on the streets. That money may buy them a beer but that's about it. I'd rather give money to groups that do the work to help the people who want help, not a free ride.

Before I left on this trip, I did a quick Sprouts run. On that day they were doing a drive to buy meals for people who would have nothing on Thanksgiving. For a person who rarely ever gives money to people on the street, I'm quite the free ride when in a store. So much so that when I see people outside a store selling something, I turn around and leave rather than deal with it.

But on this election cycle when so many people are in for a rough four years, I bought the bag. And since the food was all going local, it made me feel better about my local Sprouts.

I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving. If you can share a bit in some way that is right for you then go for it. A small gesture can brighten someone else's day.


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